A Brief Discussion on E-Bikes

An electric bike also known as an e-bike, is a bicycle that has propulsion produced by an integrated electric motor. These bikes are in use since the late 19th century. There are many kinds of e-bikes readily available in the markets across the world. Some of the e-bikes assist the rider’s pedal-power with the help of the small motor while some are powerful enough to carry a person along. Their functionality is closer to that of a moped.

Features Provided:

These bikes use lightweight rechargeable batteries. In most cases, Li-ion or Li-Polymer batteries are used. These e-bikes are designed based on local laws. Normally, they have a speed that goes up to 25 to 32 kmph. But the high powered models can often go more than 45 kmph. As of 2013, in the technology abundant markets of countries like Germany, these bikes have been gaining popularity and taking the market share away from the conventional bicycle makers. As of 2010, in other pollution-rich countries like China, they have been replacing non-renewable, fuel-powered small motorcycles and mopeds.

Electric Bikes in Delhi:

Delhi being one of the most populous cities of India, and pollution being the toughest problem to handle, these electric bikes will come in handy to the people living in Delhi. Many organizations are vastly investing in these products, having foreseen their future market. Being Human E Cycle in Delhi is one among such investors. They provide e-bikes to their customers in Delhi to demote pollution in the city. These bikes are very convenient to use. Moreover, there will not be any worries about the fuel tank being empty. These bikes are readily available at the Being Human E Cycle Showroom in Delhi.

Usage of Being Human E Cycle in Delhi brings forth awareness about pollution in major cities. It also promotes the importance of maintaining environmental conditions and physique healthily.

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Let Us Make Delhi Pollution-Free

According to a survey of 1650 world cities by WHO, the air quality of Delhi, the capital city of India, was found to be the worst of all. Ministry of Earth Sciences of India had published a research paper in October 2018 regarding pollution in the city and had accredited nearly 41% to vehicular emissions, 21.5% to fine particles of dust and 18% to industries. The Director of the Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) claimed that the Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers (SIAM) was opposing the report as it caused inconvenience to the automobile industry.

Suggested Measures to be taken:

One way of decreasing the pollution is to decrease the use of vehicles because they contribute about 41% of the total pollution. Instead, healthy alternatives like the usage of pollution-free vehicles like bicycles or Battery bikes should be put into practice. Some initiatives have been taken up by many companies, regarding this situation. Being Human BH12 E Cycle is one such initiative that aims to promote a healthy environment and demote pollution, by providing eco-friendly and easy to use bikes at the Being Human E Cycle Showroom in Delhi.

It has two prominent modes. They are manual (pedal-only) mode and throttle (accelerator) mode. The former helps to maintain your health while the latter helps boost you up by adding extra power.

Features and Flexibility:

These Battery bikes are highly efficient with a maximum speed of 25 km/h. It is made up of Lithium-ion batteries. With a single charge, this battery can give you up to 40 km during a ride. Usage of these bikes adds to the quality of the environment, promotes the need to maintain healthy environmental conditions, detoxifies the body and also burns up unnecessary accumulated fat in the body. Many organizations are suggesting their employees use these bikes instead of other fuel-based vehicles.

Compared to many of the heavy automobiles, these bikes are less expensive, lightweight, flexible, easy to carry, and readily available at Being Human E Cycle Showroom in Delhi.

Source: http://trekelectricbike.aircus.com/let-us-make-delhi-pollution-free

Cycling for a Better Health

Better health is important

Health is more or less likely to be taken for granted nowadays. But when we look at it, health is more of a treasure than what we take it for. Health is really an important factor of our daily life. You have a better day owing to a better health. You get less tired from work due to a better health. A good mental and physical health is a combination that really helps you get through the day. Many activities can help you get better health, but cycling has been found out to be the most effective.

While it may not look like it, cycling is more exerting on your body. It helps provide the correct amount of pressure on your body parts to get the best outcome. When it comes to cycling, it also becomes important to go for the right cycle that suits you. It needs to be affordable as well. That’s why we are going to discuss the best Electric Bike in Delhi.

Which cycle to go for

After various studies and the newer models being more and more effective than the last, the series of Being Human Cycle in Delhi, is the best when it comes to the Electric Bike in Delhi. To get one for yourself, contact a Being Human E Cycle Dealer near you, to get a Being Human Cycle in Delhi. Be sure to look through and get yourself the best Being Human E Cycle Dealer. You can and will have the best experience majorly owing to this fact.

If you get the best cycle, you can expect your journey to better health to be nice and easy going. You can get a better grip on life. You can be the very best you can be and more, with its help. Isn’t that what everyone wants?

Source: https://trek-electric-bike1.sitey.me/blog/post/26833/cycling-for-a-better-health

Stay Healthy for a Better You

Why health is important

Health is very important when it comes to daily life. You may think that health can take a backseat, but you would be wrong. You need to realise that health plays more of an important role than you may think at first. A better health helps you get through the day taking a lesser toll on your body than normal. A better health shouldn’t be taken for granted, but instead built from the ground up. Healthy movements and a healthy mentality allow you to give more into all your activities. This helps your daily work while keeping you up and going for any other activities that may be thrown at you.

How to stay healthy

With health being so important, it becomes important to realise as well what you can do to get better. There are a lot of activities you can undertake to get healthy. While you could go for sports as well, they may take a lot from you. A simple day to day activity that can help you cover all this would be, cycling. With the availability of E Bike in Delhi, it has become easier to cycle and get healthy. With the release and the success of the Being Human bh27 e cycle, you can approach any good Being Human E Cycle Dealer in Delhi to get your E cycle today.

Being Human bh27e cycle is becoming more and more famous by the day, showing how efficient and cost affordable it is among all the E Bike in Delhi. This makes it one of the best bets to go for among the E cycles. Therefore, you should go for a Being Human E Cycle Dealer in Delhi as soon as possible in order to get yourself one. Thus, it is important to stay healthy. This is so because it helps boost your reserves of energy for the day, which prevents you from tiring and exhausting yourself, helping you to have a better day.

Source: https://trek-electric-bike.my-free.website/blog/post/25687/stay-healthy-for-a-better-you

Best E-bikes In Delhi

The Being Human team have done a great job in bringing a quality E-Bike in Delhi for the Indian market. The cycle components are of high quality – the new Shimano gear system is fantastic, the dual mechanical disk brakes feel very good, the front suspension offers great ride quality. The wheel looks cool, although I did not find any difference compared to spoke wheels while riding the bike.

However, the steel frame weighs too much. And can go for lighter materials to save weight.
Also, the 7.8 Ah battery for an E-Bike in Delhi of this size will mean, you will get dissatisfy if you want to do longer rides. The Being Human team must offer more battery options.

BH12 E-bike

So, would buy Being Human e-Bike?

No, because If some are more of a weekend cyclist, he would like to take his e-Bike to the mountains and a 22 kg bike with a 7-speed gear won’t do it for him.

But if i was a commuter going to work for around 10-20 km, this is a fantastic option.

The Being Human team have done a great job, and they have a solid version 1.0 product and can now make incremental updates to this Being Human bh12 e cycle and keep upping the ante.

As always ride safe and always wear a helmet! Over and Out!

Being Human bh12 e cycle is the best option for you.

Being Human E Cycle Showroom

Although historically, the first set of electric E-Cycles has been launch in the US in the late 1980s. But now for the past several years, E-Bikes have been gaining popularity and are taking a widely in Europe, the Americas and China as an alternative eco-friendly healthy means of transport. URBAN e-BYKES is proud to be launching the same for the first time in India. Being Human E cycle showroom in Delhi is promote and launch in India by Salman Khan’s brand Being Human. Being Human E cycle showroom in Delhi makes it more available.

Source: http://trekelectricbike.website2.me/blog/best-e-bikes-in-delhi

Being Human BH27 e cycle

Being Human BH27E cycle
Shimano Gears
Features in the distance
Shimano 7 speed gearbox with thumb shifter

LED headlight
E-Cycle is coming with Super Bright LED headlight to make the riding experience as safe as possible.

Leadership Demonstrations
An LED monitor that shows, the battery level and voltage on the handlebar the wishful information logically organised in a user-friendly and seamless manner.

Our premium-quality, sturdy and lightweight steel frame is developing specifically for the e-cycle for added premium-hardness and rigidity.

Both wheels of the Being Human e-cycle come with excellent quality mechanical disc brakes.

In the context of Being Human bh27 e-bicycle wheels, our overall focus is on stability and safety. With 26 “X 2.10” high-quality nylon tires, we only use products that meet our high requirements.

The extremely compact and quiet 250W brushless DC motor is in the rear hub with 36W voltage that powers the Being Human bh27 E-Cycle. At speeds up to 25 km / h (with automatic cut-off enabled), you will get a unique driving experience.

The Being Human E-Cycle comes with an adjustable front suspension to ensure a smooth ride even when there are no roads.

E-bike in Delhi
Most electric bikes in Delhi work differently. They have compact electric motors (or mounted in the middle of the bike and attached to a pedal sprocket) in the rear or front wheel hubs. This bike is a simple brushless motor of a PC cooling fan, but it works just as big as the hub motor of a bike. Electric bikes in Delhi are more popular now.

Therefore, we had a few weeks to test out the Being Human e-bike. The Being Human brand has diversified into clothing and now into the future e-bike and electric mobility products.

The bike looks stunning and is the most beautiful looking e-bike in the Indian market.

Being a Humane BH27 e-bike was kindly put on to us by a Pune seller for a few weeks. I’m using friends visiting e-bikes, doing some work, travelling from one end of the city to the other, and companies in India have made the long trip to a beautiful lake nearby.

Human E Cycle Showroom in Delhi

A legal human distributor and the partner company of Being Human E-cycles showroom in Delhi, start by none other than Salman Khan through its foundation Being Human.

Companies, which have been serving the market for the last 51 years, all get promotions. They have been offering high-quality architectural solutions to the Indian market since 1993. After various products made their presence known by the successful establishment of their name, It decided to spread its wings to reach new wings and increase its output. It has always planned to introduce excellent technology and high-quality products and endorse products with high standards of service. Because of this approach, it has now entered into a contract with the subsidiary, a company owned by Being Human E-cycles showroom in Delhi, to launch them in the North Indian market.

Source: https://trek-electric-bike-12.webself.net/blog/2019/12/11/being-human-bh27-e-cycle

Battery Bikes in Delhi

Some models of electric bikes include a feature for recharging batteries, usually when you’re hitting the brakes. However, due to the design of the motors to rebuild, you will often find that the bike is difficult to pedal if you are using a non-power bike.

Battery bikes will usually start at 35999/-, and high-quality e-bikes start at 53999/-. Battery bike prices may surprise many, but there are several reasons why e-bike prices are so high. You can usually expect to travel between 25 and 70 miles for a single e-bike charge. If you are riding hard at full strength, expect less; manage your battery life properly, and the long-range of current electric bicycles can reach 350-400 km at a single charge. To talk about such e-bikes are usually powered by a 3 kW battery. Standard e-bikes with the 400-500W battery will run for 100-120 km at a single charge.

Being Human E-Cycle in Delhi

An authorised human distributor and the partner company of Being Human E Cycles in Delhi, one started by Salman Khan through his foundation Being Human. You can find many Being Human E-cycle dealer in Delhi.

There are companies which have been serving the market for the last 51 years. Some of them have been offering high-quality architectural solutions to the Indian market since 1993. After various products made their presence known by the successful establishment of their name, they decided to spread its wings to reach new wings and increase its output. It has always planned to introduce world-class technology and high-quality products and endorse products with high standards of service. As a result of this approach, It has now entered into a contract with the subsidiary companies, a company owned by Being Human E- cycles in Delhi, to launch them in the North Indian market. Being Human E-cycle dealer in Delhi is now more popular for this.

Historically though, the first set of electric eclipses launched in the United States in the late 1890s. But for the past several years, e-bikes have become popular and have been adopted in Europe, the US and China as alternatives to healthy eco-friendly transportation. RUBIKS is proud to announce that Salman Khan’s brand Being Human is launching and launching for the first time in India.

Source: https://trekelectricbike.tumblr.com/post/189504768200/battery-bikes-in-delhi

Environment-Friendly Transport

All over the world, there is a growing concern over pollution. More and more methods are being investigated to solve this problem. One of these methods was switching to environmentally friendly transport. One such vehicle is a bicycle. Bicycles can be used for short distances. But when it comes down to long-distance normal bicycles don’t work.

To overcome this problem an innovation was done. This is called an electric bike or E-bike. These bicycles overcome the basic problem that regular bicycle has and that is power. They provide a good alternative for urban transport.


The e- bicycle has many positive aspects. Some of these are –

  • It is environment-friendly
  • Can be used for both long and short distances.
  • Battery and motor backup can be used if needed.
  • Is good for our physical health
  • Cost-effective
  • One-time investment


This hybrid bicycle is an innovation of being human organization. The difference between a regular and e- bicycle is that the later has a motor. This will help in an effortless and fast ride when needed. Also, one can use it as a normal cycle and use the motor as per the need.

Being human E-cycle is a boon to society and come in various models. Each model has its specifications. The motor, battery and controller type is different for each model. And are as per the need of the buyer. Some of the most popular models are –

  • BH 27
  • BH 12


This innovative bicycle is available on many platforms and sites. One can get these bicycles online at the site of being human that is http://www.urbanebykes.com/. It is the official site for the bicycle. Also, there are many being human cycle dealers around the country. They have their branches in most of the metropolitan cities. Although these bicycles are available at many other sites, but it is recommended to go for being a human site for a trusted product.

We all should opt for such environment-friendly transport. For the sake of our mother nature. It will also be beneficial for our physical health. And will benefit our overall lifestyle.

Source: https://sites.google.com/site/trekelectricbike/environment-friendly-transport

What, Which and Who of Electric Cycle

What is Electric Cycle?

An Electric Cycle is the one that runs on a battery, not on fuel or petrol. It works on three things, motor, controller and battery. It does not harm the climate by releasing global warming gases. Which is its major purpose, to not harm the environment? It was invented in the US during the late ‘90s but was not taken seriously. Now, that the climate has become something the whole world is affected by and people are becoming more aware, these Electric Cycles are getting popular and the demand is increasing. It is interesting to know that electronic cycles can be pedaled like the cycles that do not have a battery. It has been provided with a motor to remove the disadvantage of low speed. Which means that these can be taken to go places which come under some boundary limits like workplace, café, store, mall, and so on?

Which Electric Cycle to purchase?

Being Human has a variety of Electric Cycles according to the need and an income to be able to afford it. Select the one that suits you the best. But the most popular of them is the Being Human Bh12 Cycle. It is not of heavyweight and the look of a classic cycle. The bike can be bought in four colors – white, black, red and yellow. All the colors do not have regular paint. According to the trend they are matte. Its battery is of 36V, 7.8AH. The brand of the cell is Samsung. It takes about four to five hours to get fully charged and can work for approximately 2-3 hours. The battery does not need to be changed for almost three years. It comes with a warranty of one year. Talking of the motor, the motor has a 36V 250W Rear Hub with a maximum speed of twenty-five kilometers per hour. The motor comes with a warranty for a year. The list of its features just goes on. A look can be taken here – http://www.urbanebykes.com/ebykes.php#bh12Spec



Who is Being Human E Cycle Dealer?

The authorized company for the distribution of Being Human E-Cycle in Delhi is Urban E-Bikes. Also, Urban E-Bike is a partner of Being Human E-Cycle. It was launched through Salman Khan’s foundation Being Human by himself. E-Bike is not a new concept. The first one was made in the US during the late ‘90s. Although, it is lately that the E-bikes have gained demand and popularity. It is a green way of conveyance. One can easily avail the original Being Human E Cycle from Urban E-Bikes in Delhi. The link to the website of Urban E-Bike – http://www.urbanebykes.com/about-urbanebykes.php.

Source:  https://trekelectricbike.wordpress.com/2019/10/16/what-which-and-who-of-electric-cycle/

Why Is Everyone Talking About Battery Bike, Being Human Cycle in Delhi and who is the E Cycle Dealer in Delhi?

What is Battery Bike and why is it gaining popularity?

Battery Bike is what we also call by different names such as Electronic Bike and E-Bike. It is the bike that runs on a battery, motor and a motor controller which can also be paddled. The first E-Bike in the US was made around the late ‘90s. And then to other parts of the world like Europe. This bike solves multiple purposes. With this bike, exercise is not something to be worried about in the tight schedule. One can take the bike to move around places like grocery shop, cafes etc. These bikes are a part of technologies that are being made by keeping in mind the increasing levels of pollution. This bike does not contribute to pollution. This is the reason why Battery Bike is gaining popularity. Normal bikes are being changes for this one since people are becoming more aware of the environment and more concerned about their health.

Wondering what was that Being Human Cycle in Delhi you saw?

Salman Khan is fond of cycling and it is no shock that the company came up with nature-friendly Electronic Cycle, the Being Human Cycle. Being Human is a foundation of Salman Khan that works for unprivileged people who cannot afford education or health-related facilities. So, whenever a product of Being Human (company) is bought, an amount of it goes to the foundation. Being Human Cycle is getting popular in Delhi. It comes in four basic colors – black, white, yellow and red. The finishing of the color is matte. They are full of features like Shimano gears, LED headlight, and LED display and so on. Battery, motor and controller also have a one year warranty.

Who is the Dealer of E Cycle in Delhi?

The company that is authorized for the distribution of E-Cycle in Delhi is Urban E-Bikes. It is a company that is a partner of the E-Cycle of the Being Human Company of with Salman Khan. Thus it was launched by Salman Khan in Delhi. You can easily find Urban E-Bikes which is authorized E Cycle Dealer in Delhi by clicking on this link – http://www.urbanebykes.com/about-urbanebykes.php. They can also be contacted through the email address – info@urbanbykes.com, phone number – tel:+91-11-49350799 and office address – 63 / 12 B, Ground Floor, Main Rama Road, Opp. Kirti Nagar Metro Station., New Delhi, India 110015.

Source: https://trekelectricbike.blogspot.com/2019/10/why-is-everyone-talking-about-battery.html