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Environment-Friendly Transport

All over the world, there is a growing concern over pollution. More and more methods are being investigated to solve this problem. One of these methods was switching to environmentally friendly transport. One such vehicle is a bicycle. Bicycles can be used for short distances. But when it comes down to long-distance normal bicycles don’t work.

To overcome this problem an innovation was done. This is called an electric bike or E-bike. These bicycles overcome the basic problem that regular bicycle has and that is power. They provide a good alternative for urban transport.


The e- bicycle has many positive aspects. Some of these are –

  • It is environment-friendly
  • Can be used for both long and short distances.
  • Battery and motor backup can be used if needed.
  • Is good for our physical health
  • Cost-effective
  • One-time investment


This hybrid bicycle is an innovation of being human organization. The difference between a regular and e- bicycle is that the later has a motor. This will help in an effortless and fast ride when needed. Also, one can use it as a normal cycle and use the motor as per the need.

Being human E-cycle is a boon to society and come in various models. Each model has its specifications. The motor, battery and controller type is different for each model. And are as per the need of the buyer. Some of the most popular models are –

  • BH 27
  • BH 12


This innovative bicycle is available on many platforms and sites. One can get these bicycles online at the site of being human that is It is the official site for the bicycle. Also, there are many being human cycle dealers around the country. They have their branches in most of the metropolitan cities. Although these bicycles are available at many other sites, but it is recommended to go for being a human site for a trusted product.

We all should opt for such environment-friendly transport. For the sake of our mother nature. It will also be beneficial for our physical health. And will benefit our overall lifestyle.


What, Which and Who of Electric Cycle

What is Electric Cycle?

An Electric Cycle is the one that runs on a battery, not on fuel or petrol. It works on three things, motor, controller and battery. It does not harm the climate by releasing global warming gases. Which is its major purpose, to not harm the environment? It was invented in the US during the late ‘90s but was not taken seriously. Now, that the climate has become something the whole world is affected by and people are becoming more aware, these Electric Cycles are getting popular and the demand is increasing. It is interesting to know that electronic cycles can be pedaled like the cycles that do not have a battery. It has been provided with a motor to remove the disadvantage of low speed. Which means that these can be taken to go places which come under some boundary limits like workplace, café, store, mall, and so on?

Which Electric Cycle to purchase?

Being Human has a variety of Electric Cycles according to the need and an income to be able to afford it. Select the one that suits you the best. But the most popular of them is the Being Human Bh12 Cycle. It is not of heavyweight and the look of a classic cycle. The bike can be bought in four colors – white, black, red and yellow. All the colors do not have regular paint. According to the trend they are matte. Its battery is of 36V, 7.8AH. The brand of the cell is Samsung. It takes about four to five hours to get fully charged and can work for approximately 2-3 hours. The battery does not need to be changed for almost three years. It comes with a warranty of one year. Talking of the motor, the motor has a 36V 250W Rear Hub with a maximum speed of twenty-five kilometers per hour. The motor comes with a warranty for a year. The list of its features just goes on. A look can be taken here –



Who is Being Human E Cycle Dealer?

The authorized company for the distribution of Being Human E-Cycle in Delhi is Urban E-Bikes. Also, Urban E-Bike is a partner of Being Human E-Cycle. It was launched through Salman Khan’s foundation Being Human by himself. E-Bike is not a new concept. The first one was made in the US during the late ‘90s. Although, it is lately that the E-bikes have gained demand and popularity. It is a green way of conveyance. One can easily avail the original Being Human E Cycle from Urban E-Bikes in Delhi. The link to the website of Urban E-Bike –


Why Is Everyone Talking About Battery Bike, Being Human Cycle in Delhi and who is the E Cycle Dealer in Delhi?

What is Battery Bike and why is it gaining popularity?

Battery Bike is what we also call by different names such as Electronic Bike and E-Bike. It is the bike that runs on a battery, motor and a motor controller which can also be paddled. The first E-Bike in the US was made around the late ‘90s. And then to other parts of the world like Europe. This bike solves multiple purposes. With this bike, exercise is not something to be worried about in the tight schedule. One can take the bike to move around places like grocery shop, cafes etc. These bikes are a part of technologies that are being made by keeping in mind the increasing levels of pollution. This bike does not contribute to pollution. This is the reason why Battery Bike is gaining popularity. Normal bikes are being changes for this one since people are becoming more aware of the environment and more concerned about their health.

Wondering what was that Being Human Cycle in Delhi you saw?

Salman Khan is fond of cycling and it is no shock that the company came up with nature-friendly Electronic Cycle, the Being Human Cycle. Being Human is a foundation of Salman Khan that works for unprivileged people who cannot afford education or health-related facilities. So, whenever a product of Being Human (company) is bought, an amount of it goes to the foundation. Being Human Cycle is getting popular in Delhi. It comes in four basic colors – black, white, yellow and red. The finishing of the color is matte. They are full of features like Shimano gears, LED headlight, and LED display and so on. Battery, motor and controller also have a one year warranty.

Who is the Dealer of E Cycle in Delhi?

The company that is authorized for the distribution of E-Cycle in Delhi is Urban E-Bikes. It is a company that is a partner of the E-Cycle of the Being Human Company of with Salman Khan. Thus it was launched by Salman Khan in Delhi. You can easily find Urban E-Bikes which is authorized E Cycle Dealer in Delhi by clicking on this link – They can also be contacted through the email address –, phone number – tel:+91-11-49350799 and office address – 63 / 12 B, Ground Floor, Main Rama Road, Opp. Kirti Nagar Metro Station., New Delhi, India 110015.


Eliminate Your Doubts about Electric Bike, Being Human Cycle and Finding Being Human E Cycle Dealer in Delhi

Being Human BH12 E Cycle

Being Human BH12 E Cycle

How is Electric Bike better than normal bikes?

The time has come that we not only think about ourselves but the mother needs taken care of too. Electronic bike or Electric Bike or in vernacular language the e-bike is the best option to do it. Unlike your regular bike, electronic bikes do not emit harmful gasses. But, these are not like bicycles. Bicycles can feel unpractical in this fast running world and moving people for they can be very slow. The Electronic bike is neither slow nor does it lack power. These are a perfect choice for switching the engine vehicle used on a daily basis even if it is public transport. If tired of paddling, the motor can be turned on. This is suitable for flyovers and hillside areas where paddling can be difficult. This motor rescues when one needs to fasten up the ride when running late. Unlike regular bikes, these do not require high maintenance. These are made up of only three prime parts other than that of a bicycle, that is a motor (like stated earlier), a controller to control the power of the motor and a battery.

What is ‘Being Human’ Cycle?

Being Human is primarily a foundation of Salman Khan which works towards providing facilities like education and healthcare to those belonging from the weaker sections of the society. Whichever product is bought from the Company – Being Human is in an indirect way helping the unprivileged because a section of the money spent is given to the foundation. But, Being Human makes products that are innovative and nature-friendly, Being Human Cycle being one of them. There is a variety to choose from. For example, Being Human BH12 Electronic Cycle, BH27 Electronic Cycle and so on. The cycles come in four colors – White, Black, Yellow, and Red. They vary in their specifications and price.

Where can I find a Being Human E-Cycle Dealer in Delhi?

If you are finding Being Human E-Cycle Dealer in Delhi, then authorized company for the distribution of is Urban E-Bikes. Also, Urban E-Bike is a partner of Being Human E-Cycle. It was launched through Salman Khan’s foundation Being Human by himself. E-Bike is not a new concept. The first one was made in the US during the late ‘90s. Although, it is lately that the E-bikes have gained demand and popularity. It is a green way of connivance. One can easily avail the original Being Human E Cycle from Urban E-Bikes in Delhi. The link to the website of Urban E-Bike –