Environment-Friendly Transport

All over the world, there is a growing concern over pollution. More and more methods are being investigated to solve this problem. One of these methods was switching to environmentally friendly transport. One such vehicle is a bicycle. Bicycles can be used for short distances. But when it comes down to long-distance normal bicycles don’t work.

To overcome this problem an innovation was done. This is called an electric bike or E-bike. These bicycles overcome the basic problem that regular bicycle has and that is power. They provide a good alternative for urban transport.


The e- bicycle has many positive aspects. Some of these are –

  • It is environment-friendly
  • Can be used for both long and short distances.
  • Battery and motor backup can be used if needed.
  • Is good for our physical health
  • Cost-effective
  • One-time investment


This hybrid bicycle is an innovation of being human organization. The difference between a regular and e- bicycle is that the later has a motor. This will help in an effortless and fast ride when needed. Also, one can use it as a normal cycle and use the motor as per the need.

Being human E-cycle is a boon to society and come in various models. Each model has its specifications. The motor, battery and controller type is different for each model. And are as per the need of the buyer. Some of the most popular models are –

  • BH 27
  • BH 12


This innovative bicycle is available on many platforms and sites. One can get these bicycles online at the site of being human that is http://www.urbanebykes.com/. It is the official site for the bicycle. Also, there are many being human cycle dealers around the country. They have their branches in most of the metropolitan cities. Although these bicycles are available at many other sites, but it is recommended to go for being a human site for a trusted product.

We all should opt for such environment-friendly transport. For the sake of our mother nature. It will also be beneficial for our physical health. And will benefit our overall lifestyle.

Source: https://sites.google.com/site/trekelectricbike/environment-friendly-transport

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